Unveiling the Truth Behind Alia Bhatt’s Pregnancy Rumors: A Deep Dive into the Controversy

In the world of Bollywood, rumors and speculations are as common as film releases. One such rumor that has been making rounds recently is about the pregnancy of popular actress Alia Bhatt. The rumor started in April 2022 when a user named newbee_fun posted about it on a sub-Reddit. However, it was quickly dismissed as a ‘Quora Rumour’. But, the question remains, is there any truth behind these rumors? Let’s delve deeper into this controversy and try to separate fact from fiction.

The Origin of the Rumor

The rumor about Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy started on Reddit, a popular online platform where users can discuss a wide range of topics. A user named newbee_fun posted about it in a sub-Reddit in April 2022. The post quickly gained traction and was widely shared, leading to widespread speculation about the actress’s alleged pregnancy.

Alia Bhatt’s Response

Alia Bhatt, known for her straightforwardness, did not take long to respond to these rumors. She dismissed them as baseless and urged her fans not to believe everything they read on the internet. She also clarified that she is not pregnant and has no plans of starting a family anytime soon.

The Role of Social Media

Social media played a significant role in spreading the rumor about Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy. The original Reddit post was shared on various social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, leading to further speculation. However, it also provided a platform for Alia to clarify the rumors and set the record straight.

Impact on Alia Bhatt’s Career

Despite the rumors, Alia Bhatt’s career has not been affected. She continues to be one of the most sought-after actresses in Bollywood, with several big-budget films in her kitty. The rumors, however, did cause a temporary distraction, but Alia handled it with grace and professionalism.


In conclusion, the rumors about Alia Bhatt’s pregnancy were just that – rumors. They were started by an anonymous user on Reddit and quickly spread on social media. However, Alia Bhatt dismissed them as baseless and confirmed that she is not pregnant. This incident serves as a reminder of the power of social media and the importance of verifying information before believing or sharing it.